Land Law

We strive to provide our clients the most efficient and effective legal services in all land use and real estate related matters
Land Use Entitlement

Accurate and thorough land use due diligence is a critical first step in any development project. Land Law provides clients with a road map to navigate the land use, political, and environmental risks associated with a proposed development and outlines the entitlement approval process for potential development projects. We guide clients through California’s complicated planning and development entitlement process at every level of government, facilitating and expediting project permitting and related review. Knowing a permit agency’s management style and key decision makers is essential to understanding how the entitlement process works. Land Law has extensive experience working with the various municipal and County planning departments in the North Bay.

Construction Contracts and Defects:

Time, cost, and quality are three foundational elements to any construction project.  The ability to manage these interests is formed during construction contract negotiations, which can be complicated. Owners need to be sure they can control the process and protect their legal rights, yet allow contractors the flexibility needed to do a good job. Land Law help clients achieve the right balance with efficient and productive negotiations. 

Once a project is approved and construction is underway, we also help track and provide advice on compliance with both the municipal conditions of approval as well as compliance with the construction contract and supporting construction documents. When necessary, we help our clients obtain modifications to these documents or entitlements if unexpected circumstances arise during construction.

Civil Litigation and Writ Appeals:

While Land Law strives to counsel our clients to avoid disputes through proper planning and documentation of transactions, unfortunately, at times, legal action becomes unavoidable.  Land Law provides a broad range of real estate litigation services, including unlawful detainers, breach of contract claims, enforcement of easement agreements and restrictive covenants, quiet title actions, writ of mandates, and construction defects. 

We strive to offer clients detailed options before litigation begins to ensure budgeting concerns are met. In every matter, we diligently pursue coverage from insurance carriers wherever possible.  Land Law’s experience with mediation and other dispute resolution services often saves our clients both time and money.

Boundary Disputes:

Good fences make for good neighbors, except when a neighbor's fence encroaches on your property or blocks your view.   Neighbor disputes can quickly evolve from an inconvenience to an adversarial dynamic. Our firm has extensive experience counseling, negotiating, and, when necessary, litigating a wide range of boundary disputes, including issues surrounding trees, fences, property lines, easements, drainage ways, and more.

Real Property Transactions:

Land Law provides full-service representation for purchase and sale transactions, including drafting and legal review of purchase and sale agreements and associated closing documents. Our clients benefit from our experience in successfully executing a wide range of matters, both routine and complex, for diverse stakeholders. We have an intimate understanding of local market customs, and provide an insightful yet practical approach to all transactions.  Land Law has experience with a wide range of residential transactions, from undeveloped sites and investor projects to our clients’ dream homes.  

We pride ourselves on efficiency.  Our services and expertise enable Land Law to provide effective legal solutions, allowing our clients to focus on their business concerns.

Administrative Hearing:

Land Law has the privilege of having appeared before almost every land use decision-making body in Marin County.  In an entitlement process, a majority of work is complete by the time of the public hearing.  The public hearing is an opportunity to make a statement and leave an impression on the decision-makers through thoughtful and creative presentations.  We use a variety of platforms to convey our message to enhance the opportunity for reaching the broadest audience possible to advocate for our client’s interest.

Permit Consulting:

Our goal is to ensure that everything possible is done to attain the entitlement sought. When a client is ready to submit project applications, we make sure that the materials are complete, clear, and internally vetted to afford the smoothest possible process. Once an application is filed, we “bird dog” it step by step. We stay in close touch with the planners reviewing the application, prompting them and responding quickly to issues and concerns.

Our permit consulting services also includes providing support to streamline issuance of building permits after the entitlement phase.  We work diligently with your professional consultants, including contractor and design professionals to facilitate communication with necessary public agencies and private parties. Our focus is on providing the best path to timely permit issuance and facilitate project management from shovel in the ground to certificate of occupancy.